Nicholas Usherwood

Review of Time Being: New Work

The Cello Factory, 2016


Making art, painting and drawing in particular, is an extraordinary human activity, a moment when we aim to halt the arrow of time in mid-air, and give that moment of conciousness specific and tangible, visible form. The nature of this process is exactly what I think Tricia Gillman is exploring in her latest work at The Cello Factory. Using household recycling, studio debris, notes to herself, found surfaces and notations, linking them together through collage, painted marks and drawing, they are what she terms "a quiet witnessing of ordinary conciousness...a just-is-ness". This in turn makes the onlooker consider and question the meaning of that flood of signs with which conciousness presents us, making us aware as she puts that "we are here looking in real time"


October 2016






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